Frequently Asked Questions
We’re here to help!
Contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.
Chef on Demand is an online food delivery service that serves fresh and delicious cuisines.
Chef on Demand meals are 100% made by local chefs.
Chef on Demand is not a restaurant and therefore has no physical location. We are an Awesome Foodie delivery service. You can just order online and we’ll deliver your food in 45 minutes or less.
We make sure that our meals are enough to give you a delightful eating experience. If you have any concern about your orders and the serving size, please don’t hesitate to let us know for us to take necessary actions. Your feedback is important to us!
Go to and register an account. Once you have your account already, choose your location and the food you want to order. A confirmation e-mail will be sent once you completed your order.
Currently we only accept Cash on Delivery however we’re working on other payment systems to make our service more convenient for you.
Orders are made EXCLUSIVELY through our website: However for bulk orders or special orders please contact us through our Facebook Page.
As of the moment, you can order from 10 AM to 2 PM on weekdays.
Oh :( We’re sorry to hear that. But hey, there’s always tomorrow! Due to the overwhelming response from our customers, we might run out of stocks. Don’t worry, in order to meet the increasing demands, we are gradually growing our meal options and quantity to better serve you!
Currently, we deliver in Cebu, Makati & BGC areas and will expand to Pasig area!
We currently accept cash on delivery.
None yet. But, we're already looking into it. So, sign-up now at to get the latest updates on Chef on Demand.
To follow up an order, please send us a message in our Facebook page or contact us at (CEBU) 0917-667-4120, (MANILA) 0908-817-6775.
One order! We’d like to deliver you zero order but we don’t have magical powers that defy the laws of physics. So order at least (1) One meal order and you will get the great opportunity to dine on good food!
Yes, we do! Our promos will be announced via e-mail and on Chef on Demand's official Facebook page (link to FB page).
To reach us, you can contact us at (CEBU) 0917-667-4120, (MANILA) 0908-817-6775. Sorry, we don’t accept textmates nor will we forward you load. There’s another startup for that, we just offer awesome food.